Reivers 2016

Updated 29 June


The Cheviot, Bellingham – Menu Choices ( I need you to pre-order before we depart on the tours).

Reivers 1, 14 to 16 July….. The Cheviot Menu 160716

Reivers 2, 21 to 24 July….. The Cheviot Menu 230716

Raggy Heirlooms 

Sunday lunch, either 16 or 24 July, Denise is offering a choice of soup, leek and potato or carrot and coriander with a roll, a choice of cake, tray bake etc and a hot drink.

Day 2, facts resulting from our research day yesterday, Carlisle to Newcastleton.
Navigational Issues

Rievers Route 10 markers, these are frequently either very badly faded, hidden or non-existent. The official route guide is not sufficiently detailed to compensate for these signage issues, OS Explorer maps are therefore essential.

Day two crosses through some very remote country, as a result there are no ideal places to visit for ‘comfort breaks. This holds true for the whole of the day.

On a more positive note, once the M6 motorway has been crossed (remembering to look both ways) the scenery can often be absolutely breathtaking. Lunch is now confirmed as Bewcastle, this decision has been made as shelter is available if the weather is poor, also the views are worth the wait. This means the first half of the day will require around 4 1/2 hours cycling, making lunchtime about 2 o’clock.

After lunch your Trail Leader will need to concentrate on the route to Newcastleton, this is a difficult section of the tour to negotiate for the reasons stated earlier.

Update 18 March

Kirklinton Church Askerton Castle Roman Beacon Hill Bewcastle Church Bewcastle Cross Bewcastle Museum Lane P1000091 Church Interior Blackpool Gate Road to Kielder Kielder Water 1 Kielder Water 2

Updated 4 March

Day 1, facts to share from our time spent following the route from Workington to Carlisle.


Despite reassurances by Sustrans that the route had not been damaged by the Christmas floods, we found;

a) Road officially closed at Camerton, extensive riverside erosion, road surface missing, but at the time of our visit the repairs were nearing completion and it was passable on bikes, and unofficially in a van.

b) Wall collapse at Cockermouth, route closed, rubble everywhere. No official detour in place, but can be easily negotiated using alternative roads.

c) Bridge closed to all traffic, including cyclist and pedestrians at Iselgate. This bridge looks to be awaiting damage inspection, and the closure barricades are substantial. Due to its remoteness and hence low priority, this bridge may still be closed come July. Again there is no official Rievers route detour offered, but an alternative, longer route, has been found.

In General

On arrival in Workington we will be able to get hot drinks, bacon sandwiches and use of toilets at Tesco. The cafe manager, Peter is more than happy to help us out. After visiting Tesco we drive to a car park just a short distance away and make ready for departure.

Lunch will be at ‘Over Water’. Note, due to the remoteness of this location there are no facilities available. Unfortunately there isn’t any obvious alternative that’s close to the Reivers Route, but there is a fabulous view of ‘Back of Skiddaw’ and the Caldbeck Fells.

Later in the day the Post Office at Hesket Newmarket offers a warm welcome and very clean and brightly coloured toilets, also tea, coffee and cake too!

The route through Carlisle to our hotel is challenging, and best undertaken on foot for safety reasons. It’s a very busy city and difficult for the visiting cyclist to negotiate.

It follows that the route out of Carlisle on the morning of day 2 is equally demanding and at one point involves using lifts were the bike capacity is approximately 1.75 bikes per lift (small lifts). Patience will be required, or the use of the flight  of steps adjacent to the lift shaft for the more energetic in the group.


Updated 4 March

Day 1 Views, taken during the research trip.

Camerton Great Broughton

Bassenthwaite View Skiddaw View

Lunch Over Water Bridge Closed

Uldale Common Uldale 2



Signs Missing Sign


First Night – Carlisle (Crown & Mitre Hotel)

C&M C&M bedroom C&M1 crown-mitre-hotel CrownMitre-Foyer

Second Night – Newcastleton (either The Grapes Hotel or The Liddesdale Hotel)

Grapes grapes hotel Grapes1 Grapes2 grapeshotel Liddesdale dining liddesdale hotel liddesdale lounge Liddesdale outside The_Liddesdale_Hotel

Third Night – Bellingham (either The Cheviot Hotel or Lyndale Guest House)

Bellingham, Cheviot Hotel cheviot art cheviot twin The Cheviot Hotel, Bellingham dinning room lyndale-guest-house


Reivers Tour Sightseeing 

Carlisle City centre Carlisle-City Castle Carlisle shoppers relax with a coffee at the old town hall. Fair Town


hermitage street Newcastleton river

bellingham town bellingham town1 bellingham town2 Hareshaw Dene Hareshaw Linn matt baker

Art Cycle bridge at Matthew Linn Family cycling along the Lakeside Way, Kielder Water & Forest Park, Northumberland, England. Gruffalo Kielder boat Kielder Water Kielder-Water Knowe vistor centre lake & forest Waiting

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