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Neil Gardner (Trail Leader)

Mobile, 07703763427


Chris Hegarty (Trail Leader)

Mobile, 07766318435


Gary Leonard (Trail Leader – Part Time)

Mobile, 07917161693


Public Liability & Property Insurance

Insurance Broker, Autonet Insurance Services Ltd.

Insurer, Chaucer Insurance

Policy Number (Broker Reference), UK GLB 1262420

4 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Just a big ‘thanks’ to Neil for a great Kielder trip. Neils organisation, attention to detail & delegation skills ensured everything went smoothly. Gary & Alan were great.. driving the van,being back marker & setting the pace. As always there were some memorable moments…Neils lamb tagine, Garys spray tanned legs, the 5.30 wake up call, seeing a fox, the warm welcome at the Grapes Newcastle ton, the visit to the observatory & Corbridge. Pity about the rain but everyone made the best of it.. The trip was full of fun,laughter and good food….We had a great time !!!!

    The Gateshead Girls’ (Irene, Marion & Sue)

  2. 5th tour and still smiling broadly. Another fabulous ride across our magnificent country from coast to coast – constantly changing scenery was breath-taking as were 1 or 2 hills! Will never forget the Tan Inn … a place I’ve wanted to venture in for years.
    Thanks for all your work on my bike prior to the tour, Neil…4 days riding was perfect to bond with it.
    It’s always hard to settle back to reality (work) after such a holiday and this year is no different.
    White Van Anne’s support was top class as always – finding a swimming cos for final night’s pool was above and beyond.
    Sincere thanks to you both and all buddies for the fun along the route. Jane …. the weather mascot ;)

  3. Thanks very much to everyone on the first Five Ferries Tour for treating Lesley and Me at The Stags Pavilion. We were unaware of your generosity until Neil divulged your secret yesterday.
    We really enjoyed your company.
    See you all soon.

    Pete and Lesley x

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