Current Latest News

Updated 1 March,

Tours, participants added to the Wooler Tour, visit the page, Milan restaurant booked for Thursday night, menu available on restaurant website (link provided).

Weekend Rides, I’ve published details for three rides in March, these are programmed for Saturday 7, 14 and 28. The ride on 7 March is the cancelled route from February 22.

Updated 19 February, details for the ride this weekend added, a trip to Ryhope and the Victorian pumping station museum.

Updated 9 February, I’ve added a ‘provisional’ itinerary for each of this years tours, visit the main tours page ‘Tours 2020’ to find the links.

Updated 27 January, details published for the weekend ride, 8 February, a trip to Rainton Meadows, Finchale Abbey and Hetton Lyons Country Park. Please visit the Weekend Rides page to find out more.

Updated 8 January, to print a copy of the Moroccan Tagine and Couscous recipe, visit the Weekend Ride page.

Updated 4 January, Weekend ride dates added for January & February.

Updated 23 December, Christmas Ride, Monday 30 December. I’ve added a map detailing the location of Tyne United Rowing Club (TURC), click here to view the page.

Updated 17 December, dates added for all tours today. I’ll be adding more information during the Christmas break, tour itinerary details etc.

Note, the exact date for the Sandstone Way is still to be confirmed.

Weekend Ride, details for our Christmas route now published.

Updated 5 December, the last week day ride of 2019 will take place on Wednesday 18 December, starting again on Monday 6 January. Note, the annual Christmas Holiday ride will take place on Monday 30 December.

Updated 4 December, details for the next weekend ride are now published, click here to visit the page.

General Note, recently I’ve had problems with updating and publishing items on the Latest News page. I’m opening this page to rectify this issue whilst retaining the old version as an archive (unfortunately I cannot edit the archive at all).