Berwick & Lindisfarne

Event Photographs

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Wednesday 2 May to Friday 4 May (3 days, 2 nights)


Jackie, Maureen, Peter, Francis, Karen, Shirley, Sue B, Marion, Sue P, Jane R, Lynn, Thelma, Peter, Eilene & possibly Jill too.


Bringing your own bike?

I will collect your bike in the days leading up to our day of departure, I’ll be in touch closer to the date of departure.


Catch train to Berwick, train departs Newcastle Central Station at 09:35 (arriving Berwick at  10:21), please arrive at Newcastle in good time. Meet Neil and collect bikes in Berwick, cycle to Lindisfarne, lunch on Lindisfarne (please bring your own lunch), after lunch we cycle back to Berwick (route still to be confirmed) for our evening meal (pre cooked by Neil).


Breakfast will be along the ‘working in groups’ style, one group cooking and another preparing packed lunches. After breakfast we cycle to Wooler for the day, our lunch stop will be ‘on route’, after lunch we cycle back to Berwick for our ‘later evening meal’ (cooked by Neil).


A free day, after breakfast there will be an opportunity to explore the town of Berwick (on foot or bike), meeting up for a late lunch and then returning to the railway station to catch the train back to Newcastle. The train departs Berwick at 14:50 and arrives back in Newcastle at 15:35.