Pennine Cycle Way (North) – Training Rides

There will be three training rides for the Pennine Cycle Way tour.The details for each venue, route and mileage/ duration are detailed below.

Please note, the start times for each ride vary!

Training Ride 1 – Saturday 16 June


Yesterdays Route (Morning & Afternoon) – elevation gained, just under 800m (2,615 feet)

Morning Route Afternoon Route

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Venue, 09:30 at Lintzford Garden Centre. Directions here… Lintzford.

Route, north to Rowlands Gill, and joining Spen Burn to Hookergate, Coalburns, Hedley (on the Hill) with lunch (down) at Stocksfield Golf Club (sandwiches & soup). After lunch the route takes in Whittonstall, Shotley Bridge (Quarry Lane) before joining the Derwent Walk trail back (down) to Lintzford.

Statistics… distance = 44.6Km (28miles), duration = 7 hours (includes lunch).

Training Ride 2 – Saturday 23 June (morning & afternoon routes)

Morning Afternoon


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Venue, 10:00 at Consett AFC. Directions here… Consett FC

Route, west to The Waskerley Way via Shotley Bridge, Snods Edge and Muggleswick, lunch at Waskerley Farm (bring your own please). After lunch it is all east toward Knitsley Mill,  Quebec and Lanchester before returning to Consett AFC.

Statistics… distance = about the same as last week, with a similar duration.

Training Ride 3 – Sunday 24 June (with baby Bonnie update)

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Venue, 9:30 at Hedleys Cafe, Newburn. Directions here… Location of Hedley’s Café

Route, upstream to Ovingham, then on to Coalburns and Garesfield Golf Club for lunch (with soup and sandwiches to be arranged). After lunch the route descends through Chopwell Woods to join the Derwent Walk trail at Lintzford and then back to Newburn via Derwenthaugh or maybe Blaydon Burn (if another hill climb is desired).

Statistics… the potential for a shorter route than both previous training rides.