Pennine Cycle Way (North)

Dates, Thursday 28 June to Sunday 1 July (3 Nights)


Marion, Fran, Owen, Maureen, Karen, Shirley, Henry, John, Sue B, Sue P, Jane D, Kate & Ilene.

Here are my Strava/ iPhone statistics. Please note my phone shut-down due to heat exhaustion just after Melmerby, hence the strange ‘straight line route’ and ‘lack of distance’ recordings.
Day 1, Part 1 – Starting in Appleby and on to Melmerby.


Day 1, Part 2 – Melmerby to Hartside Summit (iPhone Failure).


Day 1, Part 3 – Hartside Summit to Alston




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Day 2, Whole Day – Alston to Bellingham.




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Day 3, Whole Day – Bellingham to Wooler.




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Day 4, Whole Day – Wooler to finish in Berwick.




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Pennine Cycle Way Evening Meals

Thursday Night, Alston. We are being offered a buffet style Italian Lasagne, either meat or goats cheese and vegetable, followed by a choice of sweets.

Friday Night, Bellingham. To see the The Cheviot Hotel Menu and make your choices, please click on the following link… Cheviot Choices PCWN. Please note, as with all tours, I have a budget of £15 per person. Fancy three courses, then any over spend is to be passed on to your Tour Leader. Text your choices to Neil, using the take-out restaurant system. Soup =1, Fish & Chips = 6, so text me 1&6.

Saturday Night, Wooler. Choose from the menu on the night.

Tour Details… click here to get the latest news.