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 Event Photographs

Day1, Workington to Carlisle (distance 42 miles)… a very wet and cold morning, although the afternoon improved and it finally stopped raining we were still very damp as we arrived at The Crown and Mitre Hotel. Dinner was at Franco’s Italian restaurant, a short walk away, just across the street from the hotel.

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Day 2, Carlisle to Newcastleton (distance 43 miles)…  we were joined by Geoff and set off in good cycling weather conditions. Once the route crossed the M6 motorway it became a very peaceful, virtually traffic free, ride all the way to lunch at Bewcastle. After lunch it was time to concentrate as the terrain and signage became more demanding.

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Day 3, Newcastleton to Bellingham (distance 38 miles)…  an earlier than planned departure as the vintage rally car event had been confirmed as sharing part of our route out of Newcastleton. Karen joined the group for another wet morning, with coffee at Kielder Castle and the opportunity to take a break from the weather before heading to Kielder Dam for lunch and meeting up with Alan. After lunch the weather improved, as the route undulated along quite country lanes to Lanends  before heading on to Bellingham and The Cheviot Hotel for the night.

R1D3AL R1D3AL1 R1D3C&N R1D3DD R1D3G1 R1D3G2 R1D3G3 R1D3G4 R1D3GM R1D3JP R1D3KR R1D3M&A R1D3M&K R1D3M&N R1D3Salmon R1D3V1

Day 4, Bellingham to Newcastle Quayside (distance 43 miles)… breakfasts at The Cheviot Hotel can be huge, knowing what lay ahead most of the group played it wise and chose a limited version. Lunch was provided by Denise at Raggyheirlooms, soup, sandwiches and cake available in quantity helped recharge our reserves after the Ryal Hills. After lunch it was an easier ride down to the Tyne at Wylam and on to The Cycle Hub to complete the challenge.

R1D4 R1D4J&K R1D4G9 R1D4G8 R1D4G7 R1D4G6 R1D4G3 R1D4G2 R1D4G1 R1D4End R1D4DL R1D4DD R1D4CM R1D4AL R1D4A&N R1D4SD R1D4RH R1D4NG1 R1D4NG R1D4N&D R1D4ML R1D4KR R1D4JP1

Dates, Thursday 8 to Sunday 11 June 2017
Participants, Marion, Sue P, John, Charmian, Geoff, Dorothea, Jackie and Karen too.


Thursday 8 June, meet at MacDonalds (Metro Retail Park, click here for a map) at 7 o’clock. Join the minibus and drive to Workington, with toilet breaks on route at Sainsbury – Carlisle and Tesco – Workington. Start cycling at 10 0’clock latest, heading along the C2C route as far as Cockermouth (toilets available), then on to lunch at Over Water (remember to bring along a packed lunch today). After lunch the route heads to Hesket Newmarket before reaching Carlisle for the evening. Evening meal at Franco’s opposite The Crown and Mitre Hotel.

Friday 9 June, an early breakfast before heading northeast to lunch at Bewcastle, the morning ride is long and lunch will be quite late at around 2 o’clock. Note, whilst there is shelter at Bewcastle there are no toilet facilities. After lunch it’s a short ride of just over 15 miles to Newcastleton for the evening. Evening meal at The Liddesdale Hotel.

Saturday 10 June, a later departure today, cycling along the valley to a coffee break at Keilder Castle before taking the north shore and sculpture route to the lunch stop at the dam, toilets available. After lunch the route is up and down to Tarset Tor after which it’s easy cycling to Bellingham. Dinner at The Cheviot tonight.

Sunday 11 June, another early departure in order to arrive at ‘Raggy Heirlooms’, our lunch stop, for around 1 o’clock. After which we detour away from the official route by heading down to the river Tyne at Newburn via Heddon-on-the-Wall and along to finish at ‘The Cycle Hub’. Expected finish time being somewhere close to 15:30, give or take.