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Friday 5 May

Completed a recce of the route through Durham City today, it proved very worthwhile as there are some sections that have been completely closed to all traffic (including footpaths) as a result of some major landslips along the banks of the river. The civil engineering work to repair the damage is extensive and may not be completed by the time we arrive in Durham, 21 August. I have researched a detour that will by-pass the problem sections discovered today, I’ve also booked lunch at The Meadows Cafe, Rainton.

OS Map Barriers Diversion View Walled Garden Cricket Counts House Sculpture


Friday 28 April

We called in to the Methodist Church Hostel this morning and met with the owner Denise. The place has a wonderful ‘quirkiness’ about it, there’s everything we require including a decent drying room (just in case). The bedrooms are pretty much standard hostel style, but with plenty of room, showers are in keeping with the excellent showers at Keswick YHA. Here’s a flavour of what to expect….

KS Hostel1 KS Hostel2 KS Hostel3 KS Hostel4 KS Hostel5

Thursday 13, Friday 14 & Saturday 15 April

Starting this recce on Walney Island and finishing at Bishop Auckland, here is a report of what we (me and Anne) found out and a few photographs we took during the trip.

The start (or finish) of the W2W, in our case it’s the start on Walney Island. Not as celebrated as some of the tours we’ve offered, just a couple of W2W signs wrapped around a nearby lamp post, it’s a bleak place on a cold and windy day.

Walney Derilict Walney Island Walney Sign


Furness Abbey, the route passes this as it exits Barrow.


Morecambe Bay, the view as the route descends toward Grange Over Sands.

Morcombe Bay

The promenade at Grange Over Sands, lunch stop on day 1.


The Brewery Arts Centre, location for our evening meal during our stay at Kendal.

Brewery1 Brewery2 Brewery3 Brewery4 Brewery5

Tan Hill, the highest point on the W2W, it is remote open moorland country on day 3 of the route.

Tan Hill1 Tan Hill2 Tan Hill3 Tan Hill4


Heading to Bowes, our lunch stop on day 3 of the tour.


Sunday 26 February

We called in to M6 Junction 38, Tebay, to take a break from the dreadful weather on our way back home. J38 is the venue for our lunch break on day 2 of the tour, the excellent farm shop provides an opportunity to pick-up a few special gifts and luxuries.

J38 Tebay J38 Tebay1 J38 Tebay2 J38 Tebay3 J38 Tebay5 J38 Tebay6

Friday 24 February

I called in to The Manor House, West Auckland (4th Night Accommodation) to check the place out. Although preparations for a wedding were in progress I was able to look at the various reception rooms and restaurant, these were all very comfortable. The swimming pool was in use at the time and I didn’t really think it appropriate to wander in and start taking photographs. Unfortunately the former Methodist Chapel/ Hostel at Kirby Steven (3rd Night) was closed when I arrived, but I was able to establish that the access path to the lockable bike store is long and very narrow, it will need some careful manoeuvring to get our bikes stored.

Manor House


Methodist Chapel/Hostel


Website Photographs

First Night, Barrow in Furness – Accommodation.

Lisdoonie 1 Lisdoonie 2 Lisdoonie 3 Lisdoonie 4

Second Night, Kendal – Accommodation

Kendal Hostel1 Kendal Hostel2 Kendal Hostel3 Kendal Hostel4 Kendal Hostel5 Kendal Street

Third Night, Kirby Steven – Accommodation

KS Hostel 1 KS Hostel 2 KS Hostel 3 KS Hostel 4 KS Hostel 5 KS Hostel 6 KS Hostel 7 KS Hostel 8

Fourth Night, West Auckland – Accommodation

Manor House 1 Manor House 2 Manor House 3 Manor House 4

More details to follow soon….