Kielder Excursion Spring 2017

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This Tour is now full.


Wednesday 29 March, meet at MacDonalds (Metro Retail Park) at 7 o’clock. Drive to Tarset Tor and leave bags etc. before setting off to Kielder Water, Tower Knowle car park and visitors centre. Complete the Lakeside Way cycle path, lunch at Kielder Castle (remember to bring one with you). Evening meal at Tarset Tour.

Thursday 30 March, build packed lunches and after breakfast drive to Matthews Linn to start bike ride to Newcastleton, with coffee/ tea and cake in Newcastleton. Returning to Matthews Linn via the forest trail, with evening meal at Tarset Tor. After dinner it’s a walk to the pub or a visit to the observatory.

Friday 31 March, after breakfast it’s a free morning with maybe a trip to a local attraction or the coast for a few hours before heading back to Gateshead for 3 o’clock (approximately).

Evening meals, for the Wednesday I’ll be cooking a Moroccan style lamb tagine served with a Mediterranean vegetable couscous and on Thursday it will be the much celebrated  hearty Italian Farmhouse Soup with a selection of cold Italian meats and olive bread.

Breakfast, served on Thursday and Friday morning, a traditional full English Breakfast, but not Kippers. Coffee, Tea, Toast and fresh Orange Juice.

Packed Lunch, you will need to bring along something for Wednesday, and build one from a selection of ingredients, bread, ham, turkey, cheese, crisps, fruit, biscuits, fruit juice etc. on Thursday.

Accommodation, for this excursion I’m booking the larger 4 bedroomed bunkhouse, in order to provide a larger communal lounge, kitchen and dining area.

Drinks, please bring along something to enjoy during the evenings. The nearest pub is the The Hollybush, with its dodgy domino set it’s a dark walk away of just over 1 mile.

Other Stuff, you will need to bring a towel and a maybe a bath robe as the bathroom in the bunkhouse is not en-suite. Torches,as it’s a dark walk to the pub.


Wednesday 29 to Friday 31 March 2017

Participants (as at 12 January)

Dave M, Marion, Sue P, Irene, Maureen & Owen, Shirley, Jackie, Fran, Karen, Alan L, Gary, Sue C, Eileen & Peter

Tarset Bunkhouse

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