Coasts and Castles

Cycle-Treks fully organised Coast and Castles (C&C) Tours

Photographs – scroll down the page

Our C&C rides are run annually, usually in the summer months.
In keeping with all of our cycling activities Cycle-Treks supply the rider with
a bike (if required), helmet, gloves and most importantly a fully qualified Trail Leader. Our
C&C’s are delivered at a leisurely pace and are completed over a four-day (three
night) period.

Cycle-Treks make completing the C&C easy, utilising our experience to
make all the necessary arrangements, including transporting you to the start at Edinburgh. We take care of booking all your accommodation and meals. We also arrange to
move your luggage ahead of you to help reduce the effort you make
each day. The support of a back-up vehicle serving lunch, tea & coffee thus ensuring that your whole cycling experience is thoroughly enjoyable.

Before embarking on one of our C&C’s Tours we strongly recommend that you enrol on our
training program. A series of four long rides that are specifically tailored to mimic
the type of terrain you will encounter on the actual tour. Each training ride takes place at weekends and lasts between five and six hours.

Tour booking details will be made available when the tour program is published in the spring of each year.

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Photographs – Accommodation

Evening 1 – Clovenfords

clovenfords_country_house_hotel_clovenfords Clovenford bar clovenford

Evening 2 – Berwick

Byha1 Byha3 host_berwick_110406_012

Evening 3 – Warkworth

sun-hotel sun-room sun4 warkworth-450